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Its jus' a Houston thing..

Aye man say man, I have to allow my down south slang to flow freely lol. Yes. I am a proud Houstonian, born and raised. So to give "out-of-towners" a quick lesson in "the city of syrup" we are sectioned off in sides of town, you have the South side, the West which is really the southwest, NorthSide (Nawfside) to be exact, you have the east and all the places in between which fall in their respective homes. From 3rd ward to crossing over downtown and falling into fifth ward, Texas. I can go on and on with the lay of the land but now we will just introduce you to the dirty 3rd coast as live in effect as it is. So one thing I can always say inspire me is seeing the city I grew up in and love so much lit up in bright lights. I continue to roll out, top down jamming Z-ro, letting everybody know Slow loud and banging all in my trunk. When you see a line of swangaz cuttin' up the boulevard you just salute and stare in awe, watching the OG's whip the wood wheel like all the true players before us. We don't pull-up to the function, we slide dine the block and fade the spot, If you did not have to stutter over that last phrase you my friend have some H-town in you. As I write this, I wanted to get inspired from some of the pioneers of rap, and the earliest rapper comes to mine is Lil Keke. Not many people know of my southside roots, I had to be around six or so and I remember looking at the street sign at the end of the corner and this hard word I couldn't pronounce it. I kept trying to sound it out her-....hurr-chhe- then. I heard lil keke on 97.9 the box say...I'm in here with my Herschelwood Click!


We've been through a lot me and this city, but we gonna ride together and grow together, even when I leave home is Home!

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